The Benefits of Working With In-House Physical Therapists

Physical therapy is a critical component of a patient’s recovery from an accident or injury. With the recent implementation of Patient Driven Payment Model(PDPM), many clinics are comparing whether contract or in-house therapy is the best. Using agency contracted therapists does have some benefits, but having a team of in-house therapists (not to be confused with ‘at-home therapists’) is can greatly benefit the patient and their experiences through recovery.

Here are just some of the benefits you’ll notice when working with in house therapists, like here a Colorado Occupational Medical Partners.

Working with In-House Therapists

More Personalized Care

Because in-house physical therapists are dedicated providers for their clinic, you’ll be able to more consistently meet with the same therapist throughout your recovery. Because patients will see the same therapist during their treatment, this makes it easier to naturally build a good rapport and relationship based on trust and mutual respect built up over time. This allows the therapist to gain a better understanding of the patient’s lifestyle and personal needs, and what treatment options are best for them to return to their highest level of function to their bodies.

Specialized Equipment for Treatment is Readily Available

Having access to specialized physical therapy equipment can make a huge difference in the quality of treatment a patient receives. Because a lot of this equipment can be expensive, a contracted or at-home therapist usually will not have access to them on the spot. Having in-house therapists and the proper equipment readily available for recovery to patients helps provide a more effective and consistent result from treatments

Better Patient-Focused Staff

Because in-house therapists are dedicated providers for the clinic, this creates a better opportunity to be a unified, cohesive team for patients. Therapists are able to focus on each patient for their specific needs, having unified goals for recovery. Sometimes clinics with therapists that aren’t dedicated won’t be as unified in the treatments to reach the end goals. This can create patient stress and in efficiency during recovery. Having our therapists unified in treatment methods and patient goals provides the best recovery experience for patients.

More Control Over Clinical Programs and Operations

Having in-house therapists also means that the clinic’s management has the final say in clinical decisions. The clinic can develop an in-house treatment program and have the therapists trained according to this program, creating a more unified staff that’s “on the same page”. In contrast, a outside contracted therapists and the clinic may have different opinions about the best treatment options for a patient due to program differences, which can make it difficult to develop a focused treatment strategy for the patient.

Physical Rehabilitation is More Than Just Therapy

Depending on a patient’s specific situation (car accident, workplace injury, slip-and-fall, etc.) there may be other matters besides physical therapy that they may need to resolve during the treatment process. Having a cohesive team of in-house therapists at the clinic can make these issues much easier for the patient.

For example, for workplace injury incidents our entire team at COMP works with the patient (and employer) to help with insurance, lawyers, paperwork, and everything else related to worker’s compensation cases. We know the ins-and-outs of the process and the specific rules and regulations of Colorado workers compensation law. A contracted therapist, on the other hand, may not be able to assist with these kinds of issues, because they are only contracted to provide treatments, not having the same support for the full process.

In-House Physical Therapy Across Colorado for Employers & Patients

At Colorado Occupational Medical Partners, our mission is to deliver the highest quality of occupational health care and physical rehabilitation to return patients to their highest level of function. Our team is dedicated to helping employers and patients, and we strive to develop strong, positive relationships with a culture based on safety, transparency, empathy, and trust. To find out more, find our location nearest to you.

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