Choosing Occupational Medical Care for Your Business

Finding the best occupational medical care for your business is an important task. When your employees are injured, the right occupational care provider will help your employees to:

  • Receive a proper diagnosis quickly and confidently
  • Determine the best treatment options available
  • Shorten recovery times
  • Achieve the best possible outcome from treatment

Here’s how you can decide which occupational medical care provider is the best fit for your business:

What Makes a Great Occupational Health Care Provider

Quality Patient Care

The most important factor of any healthcare provider is the quality of care they offer. It’s essential as an employer to give your employees the best care possible. While some providers may only focus on treating injuries, great providers will also look for ways to prevent injuries in the workplace. Promoting greater health awareness and working to implement ergonomic changes in the workplace are some ways that providers can go above and beyond. Providers should also have access to quality facilities, equipment, and treatment methods to ensure that patients receive the best care possible.

Timely and Clear Communication

Occupational medicine requires constant communication and reporting. Patients should be seen by the provider ASAP after an injury or should symptoms worsen during treatment. Open communication ensures that a proper diagnosis is given; providers can then determine the best possible treatment options. Good communication also makes it more likely that patients follow through on their treatment regimen and achieve the best possible outcome.

Clear communication between the provider, employer, and insurer is also important. Timely updates on treatment and quick responses to questions or concerns are essential to handle workplace injury claims quickly. Occupational healthcare providers that have online portals can connect everyone with the most up-to-date information throughout the process to make communication even easier.

Qualified Care Providers

Occupational medicine providers should have the experience necessary to administer expert care. Look for providers who have expertise in occupational health, illnesses, and injuries. They should know all of the legal and ethical standards associated with occupational medicine. Look into the provider’s credentials to see how much schooling and experience they have, and if they have any disciplinary or malpractice records.

Having a good understanding of local, state, and federal regulations is also a sign of an expert occupational medicine provider. Colorado’s workers’ compensation system can be especially tricky with many rules, regulations, and conditions. That’s why it’s important to choose an occupational healthcare provider that knows how to navigate the process.

Providers Who Understand Your Work Environment

Whether you work in an office, a retail store, or a factory, there are always potential hazards and the risk of injury. Knowing the environment you work in and what your job requires is incredibly beneficial to providers. Some important factors include:

  • The condition of the facility itself (Do rooms have adequate lighting? Are the stairs’ handrails in good condition? Are slips/trips common at the facility? etc.)
  • The atmosphere of the facility (Does the facility have good ventilation? Do employees frequently come into contact with dust/smoke/fumes? etc.)
  • The condition of tools and equipment
  • Do employees have to do any repetitive motions or have to stand for long periods of time?
  • How do employees interact with each other?

Taking all these factors into consideration will help the provider determine whether a patient can safely perform their duties during and even after treatment. This is also beneficial to employers as it may uncover safety issues or identify areas that need extra precautions. One of the best ways to treat workplace injuries is to prevent them from happening in the first place.

At Colorado Occupational Medical Partners, our mission is to deliver the highest quality of occupational health care and physical rehabilitation to return patients to their highest level of function. Our team is dedicated to employers and patients, and we strive to develop strong, positive relationships with a culture based on safety, transparency, empathy, and trust. To find out more, find our location nearest to you.

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